10 Email Sign Offs That Put "Best" and "Thanks" to Shame

Most of us stop reading after the last full sentence in an email. After all, the majority of people sign off with “Best,” “Thanks,” “Sincerely,” or something similarly boring – and there’s no point reading this a million times:

However, the ubiquity of boring email sign-offs is actually a great opportunity for sales reps to create a memorable and personalized closing. This also helps build a rapport with the prospect. And with attention spans shrinking every day, every line of your email should make an impact.

Different templates:

  1. Looking forward to learning more about your [challenge].
  2. Excited to tackle [challenge] with you.
  3. Thanks for the chance to talk to a fellow [book-lover, rock-climber, Cincinnati native, etc.]
  4. Always a pleasure catching up with a fellow [Bates alum, hockey fan, Curb Your Enthusiasm fan].
  5. Hope you’re able to fit in some [prospect’s hobby] this weekend.
  6. Congratulations again on the [trigger event].
  7. Hope you get the chance to celebrate [trigger event] this weekend.
  8. Enjoy the [event your prospect told you about]" or "Let me know how the [event] goes.
  9. Oh, by the way – good luck at the [event].
  10. Drop me a line if you’ve got any questions about [the proposal, improving your customer experience, etc.]