About Coffee team

After the team foundation on Tuesday, 25/02/20, Coffee team has all agreed on Mission, Vision, Values and Working Agreements.

But in this wrap-up, we’re going to show only some of the key sections on the Foundation. Let’s check it out.

1. Members

Kate, Vinnie, Jackie, Philipp, James, and Steve

2. Mission and goals


Our mission is to build trustworthy friendships with our customers through understanding and solving their problems.


Bring more potential customers.

Supported by

  • becoming friends with customers
  • following standards and templates
  • building and educating customers about product
  • monitoring customer feedback
  • quick reaction to market changes

3. Core values

  1. Supportive

  2. Commitment

  3. Focus on high quality

  4. Problem-solving mindset

  5. Make work fun


Love the key supporting factor “Quick reaction to market changes”