Amazon Lighsail Service

Amazon Lightsail

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Lightsail is three of the most common server types that AWS supporting us. VPS, DB and storage. It’s very easy to deploy and the cost is the easiest manage in AWS. We can use Lightsail for a wide range of demands like: web applications, websites, dev/test environments.

Advantages than EC2

We have list some advantages of Lightsail than EC2

  1. Static IP address for each instances
  2. Highly available SSD storage
  3. Cost fixing for the whole monthly
    As our suggestion, the best valuable of Lightsail is cost fixing through month, now, we don’t have to worry about how many CPU we use or bandwidth monitoring. Everything is simple and cheap start with $3.5. Of course we can upgrade to EC2 whenever we want by snapshotting the instances and move them by creating new EC2 instances.

Best practices

Because of the easy to use, so we have do some practices and make experience like below:

  1. Don’t forget to limit the networking port: we thought it’s the most important of all AWS not just Lightsail. By default, Lightsail will open 80 and 22 ports and disabling all the rest of ports,. Then, we just have to clarify which port we need to open in Lightsail interface.
  2. Backup if it’s your productions: of course it’s another baseline for service management, Lightsail support us for creating snapshot manually or daily by enable this feature. But, we will be charged by the storage we used for each snapshots. So, make smart backup planning is the very good practice
  3. Secure private key: by default, AWS will manage your private key files (.pem file) and they can be downloaded from Lightsail console. To make sure that all your resources cannot be used by unauthorized 3rd parties, make them save or create another users with another private keys that fit for your demands

Usage in Magestore

We are using Lightsail for almost all Magestore services from productions to dev/test environments. Examples:

  1. My Magestore is hosted and managed on it
  2. All of customers demo are running on Lightsail services

If any Magestorer want to try them, please contact with MageX team for requests and supporting.
Thanks all,