Bài toán tính commission cho staff bán hàng trên POS

The POS user can act as a cashier or a salesman/consultant in a physical location. In the second scenario, it’s likely that the store owner wants to calculate the commission for each staff based on their performance.

In general, there will be 5 following processes involved:
1. The formula to calculate the commission: the commission will be different by either staff level (like a newbie, junior, senior …) or products, discount rules applied on the products or order amount …
Thus there will be components contributed to the commission amount:

  • Product collection
  • Staff group
  • Commission rules (order amount, discount products, …)

2. The staff sells the products:

=> The staff will earn a commission balance based on all products that they sold.

3. The admin pays out the commission to the staff:

=> Once the commission is paid out, the staff’s commission balance will be reduced accordingly.

4. The customer returns purchased products:
=> Whenever a customer refunds a product, the commission earned based on this product will be deducted from the staff’s balance.

5. Commission report which is generated based on staff, location or period of time. This will be also including all types of transactions that affect the staff’s commission balance: Earning, Paying commission, Refund.
The report will be built on the Magento backend or POS interface for the best convenience of the store owner. Ideally, we can even build a separate app for the store owner to monitor all staff’s commission.

The above is a common flow that you can look at when it comes to POS staff’s commission calculation. The commission rules will really vary to different structures of the sales department or formula of each company. Feel free to add more scenarios below :wink:


Nice work, @riley. I think calculating commission, especially the commission rule, could even be more complicated in some cases:

  • The commission has already been paid (eg: the staff sells the product in Jan and gets the commission) but the refund was made in February. Technically, the report for February will have to mention the refund of the commission made in the previous month. Also, in some cases, like in our company for example, the staff doesn’t get the entire commission deducted, but only a part of it.
  • Multi-layer commission: eg: The staff gets 5% of the sales, while the regional manager gets 2% for the same order
  • Comission based on the amount of the order. Eg: the higher the value of the order, the smaller/greater the rate of commission
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Thanks Julia for the feedback.

  1. You’re right. The initial commission formula is basically referring to the checking-out process when the staff sells products to the customers.
    The commission deduction due to the refund shall be considered in the process #4.
  2. The multi layer that you mentioned will be defined by the staff group/level (specified in the formula in part #1).
  3. Yes, the order amount would be a factor to consider :wink: