Chức năng Build sản phẩm mới từ các phụ tùng có sẵn trên POS

Note: You can refer to this article when it comes to a similar business which requires the POS system an ability to sell a new product which is built/combined by available parts in store at the moment.
For example, you sell ready-made bikes and bikes’ parts. However, those ready-made bikes do not meet the customers’ requirements and the customer wants a custom bike. In this case, how will the POS system control the selling and internal building process to deliver the bike to the customer?
The below will be a scenario of a specific customer, which can be varied among businesses, feel free to add more comments :wink:

1. The customer is interested in buying a custom bike which is built from separated parts:

An example mockup of the checkout-screen could be like this:

2. The internal building process:

An example mockup of the process management could be like this:

3. Payment
The payment can be done anytime during the whole process. Thus there will be a checkout option in every single step :wink:


I understand that the customer can custom a bike they want. That’s great!
Finally, do the system record a sales order including seperated parts or a bike?