Content Review, SEO Review & Persona Review

Hi all,

We have just had a fruitful meeting to review Content, SEO & Persona of Magestore. There are 7 people took part in: Steve, Mike, Jasmine, Philipp, James, Riley, Kate & Jackie. I strongly believe by reading this article, you own the shortest way to understand the execution & effectiveness of all things we are doing with Magestore Marketing right now.

1. Content Overview according to Funnel by Jackie & Jasmine

Introduction Inbound Funnel & Result

  1. Attract Phase:
  • Youtube overview
  • Blog overview
  • Magento 2 Tutorial
  1. Convert Phase
  • to MQLs: 6 ebooks & 2 master guides
  • to SQLs: Landing pages about solution & company & case study
  1. Close/Delight Phase (just a few pages)

Actually, @jackie has a post in Vietnamese with the same purpose:

Website overview: 71 pages that customers can see directly on website and other 16 pages that are only accessible for customers from Search Engine.

2. SEO Exploration

It’s Steve effort to do research on all of our SEO results till now and his suggestion for the future.

  1. Introduction to Informational - Navigational - Transactional keywords

  2. Sharing statistic about the ranking & traffic
    –> We have good rankings on Google for the most important keywords, but the effectiveness of conversion on the landing page is not good enough. We can keep track of record on how many leads we have for each page and optimize the design & conversion rate of each page

  3. Learn from Vend. Use tool to identify the strong point of Vend and learn from them for Magestore optimisation.

  4. Strategy: Not producing new content anymore but try to re-arrange all the content we have right now in a more effective funnel to bring real value to the company.

3. Persona by Philipp

  1. Introduction to 4 persona including the positive & negative ones.

  2. Discussion with Riley on the conclusion of each persona --> We need to double check & adjust after working with Sales & Implementation team for the right persona.

  3. Think of a Persona of customer when the project is done, input by Sales & Implementation team. If there’s not much time for writing down, we can use CPP for getting information from the right person.

The next step will be discovered soon.