Grafana for the first step in

Grafana for beginning

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With Magestore requests about a well-design dashboard, can alert every on related to it with threshold. We started to take a look through a new tool with us but very famous in OpenStack community, it’s Grafana


We can use various install ways for each OS, Grafana install packages support all OS type: Linux, Windows and Mac. If you are using other OS, you can choose to compile from source code.

Beside, Grafana can provide another installation by using Docker. That’s a very good way to use it without carrying about the OS. And, all images are published by Grafana core team themself


After successfully installed Grafana, we will want to modify some parameters in the default configuration files. We recommend some configs below:

  1. For the security rules, we have to change the default port from 3000 to another port. We can do it by changing http_port = parameter
  2. For increasing site performance, we will consider to change value of compression parameter. We recommend to enable it enable_gzip =
  3. For another security policy, we don’t want hackers to brute force our dashboard system, so change this param can help disable_brute_force_login_protection = true
  4. About the theme, it’s depend for your taste, we can change the UI theme from config by changing default_theme = dark | light
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