How to build a B2B sales process and apply it for Magestore


  • Stay foolish: There is no sales process at the moment
  • All you have now is the experiences of working directly with the customers.
  • Customer-centric mindset.

So, what is the sales process? Let’s get started :wink:

A sales process is the typical series of predictable events, or phases, required to sell a product or a service.

so basically, it’s all about interactions that you make with the customers thoughout their product/service buying journey and help them achieve their goals with the best feelings.
Accordindly, below are the steps to make it:

  1. Understand the customer buying process:
    Once you have identified the buying steps, create in detail what a customer does at each stage.
  • What functional jobs are you helping your customer get done? (e.g. perform or complete a specific task, solve a specific problem, …)
  • What social jobs are you helping your customer get done? (e.g. trying to look good, gain power or status, …)
  • What emotional jobs are you helping your customer get done? (e.g. esthetics, feel good, security, …)
  • What basic needs are you helping your customer satisfy? (e.g. communication, sex, …)
  1. Define sales stages and objectives for each stage:
  • What is the goal of each stage?
  • What is the expected outcome of each stage?
  1. Define actions
  2. Define Sales tools

How will it be for Magestore?

  1. Understand the customer buying process:

  2. Define Sales stages:

As you can see here, in each stage, we will be trying to help customers achieve a specific goal.

  1. Define actions
  • These stages will be applied immediately to all consultants.
  • The main methods used will be building rapport to gain trust from the customers, asking questions and telling stories.
  1. Define sales tool:
  • Zoho and blueprint.


  • This sales process is not varied by the customer segment.
  • The customer segment will be adapted by the way that the consultant approaches and shares the information with the customer, rather than a different sales process.
    (These details will be found in another coming topic ;))
  • The sales process is not fixed, it allows the consultant to be flexible within the frame to ensure the effectiveness of the consultancy.

More details of brainstorming section of MS sales team can be found here:

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