How to build rapport with customers

Rapport is one of the main factors making the customers trust you. It greatly contributes to the final decision of the customers, not only the initial purchase but also during development and expansion. Thus, the purpose of this article is a few guidelines of how to build rapport with the customers.

1/ Be genuine, warm and friendly. Chilly people get chilly reactions from other people. Approach rapport building with the intent to be warm and friendly. Be the first one to open your heart will make the customers feel how welcome they are.

_ Good morning beauty.
_ Please take care of your health, Peter
_ Let me help you to do that

To make it as real as it can be, the only way is doing it for real.

2/ Show interest. No surprise to anyone, people are self-focused. Show interest in prospects as people as well as in their business challenges. Use their names when you speak with them and write to them, pay attention to their stories or their achievement.

_ How was the meeting with the client, Gagment?
_ Did you correct the mistake in the warehouse? How do you do it?

3/ Give genuine compliments. People love to hear compliments about them, but it’s still effective as always. Of course don’t abuse it or say it when you think the opposite way. Your thinking may affect the attitude when giving the compliments.

_ Your picture looks fantastic! I also want to visit Maldives?
_ It’s such a pleasure working with you
_ It’s a very good question actually. Even I haven’t thought of it. - This is a very good compliment to say to a customer when you don’t know the answer yourself.

4/ Calibrate the rapport to “just right.” Newbies are overly sensitive to spending the time of a potential buyer. They often think, “I have an hour for this meeting and she’s a CEO of a midsized company. I need to use the whole time to get my points across. No time for chitchat.”

_ You seem to be tired. A long day right?

5/ Read the culture Let’s say you take a read on culture and see that there are some ways you might tailor your approach

For Singaporean:
_ OKlah means “It’s good I like it.”
_ OKloh means “It’s OK I will do it even I don’t like it very much

Another way to view it is the culture of the company. If you want to build a rapport with the customers, be the same as them. Read their values (which can be introduced in their website) and imagine what will they be like. For example, a Magestorer can be energetic, adapting to changes fun.

6/ One of the most powerful ways you can advocate that builds rapport is to tell stories. Great stories build your credibility and take people on an emotional journey. Good storytellers are endearing. Please remember to tell a story that your customers have relevant knowledge or it can affect them.

_ Policy Stories: Canada just legalize selling guns and drugs. Their businesses I have to tell you is booming - A news in customer’s location is a good way to start.
_ Same Situation customers: I have worked with the customers who have 2-3 third parties system on their operation. Each one is different, but one of the thing in common is that they are in pain with data synchronization. Some are even frustrated and they asked themselves why they have computers.
_ Experience Stories: Yeah I visited Thailand once, I went to Bangkok. It’s a lovely city. Have you visited Vietnam before?

Remember, don’t drop the conversation too quickly. You can talk to the customer’s stories that are not related to our products and service, but you still need to go with the flow. The stories you are talking will make the customers less defensive to you when we discuss the solution.

Above are some of the tips that you can use the talk with the customers. This is just a part of building a trust with the customers, as it depends also on your knowledge and actual quality/value you bring to them.


I think it’s not only the rapport with customers but also with other people on communication also. Keep on wriitng @andrew nhe’ :wink: