How to disable tooltip (guidelines tours) on Odoo

We have facing with annoying water drop in Odoo backend. In the first time, it’s a good idea to guide a new person to be more familiar with Odoo. But, if it’s appear so much, may be very lost focus.

So, how to disable this feature

Step 1: Enable debug mode

Go to Settings > Press Activate the developer mode
Or go to web browser’s address, insert ?debug after /web word

Step 2: Disable

Press to the bug icon on the top right side of screen
Click to Consume tours to disable it


Cái tooltip này hay mờ, cứ để cho zui ạ :rofl:smiley:

Nhiều khi bấm nhầm, đang vội xong phải tắt đi cũng nhờ ục lắm em ạ :smile:

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