How to set up a Get Lead campaign in Magestore

Hi all,

Get Lead campaign is a frequent action of Marketing & Sales function to get more leads for a specific reason. It might be for a new product launch, like Retail Assistant or a new approach for potential leads like Webinar.

This guide will help you through basic steps to set up this kind of campaign. And even when you do notdirectly set up the campaign, you might find this guide helpful because it shows the overview tasks needed to be done.

I will show the real screenshot & flow of Retail Assistant campaign in this guide.


A successful campaign will be look like this:

And when you click to this sidebar icon, this navigation bar will appear

  • There is a form in landing page to get emails of the visitors:

  • There is an email welcome when a lead signed up in the form:

  • There is a lead source in Zoho defining the leads coming from the campaign

from which you can see total how many leads come from this campaign

  • There is a template set up in CRM/Setting/Customisation/Template for Welcome email when lead is registered

  • There is a workflow rule set up in CRM/Setting/Automation/Workflow Rule for linking email above with the lead from the right source


From my opinion, there are … WBSs needed to be done for a well done campaign including:

1. A Landing Page delivering message of the campaign (without function)

This is a new landing page on Magestore to deliver the message why the visitors should leave their emails for you. This can be a landing page for a new product launch, a webinar or so on. or

In order to make a landing page live, you need a template first (it’s the best to reuse a template to save designing & cutting time)

And then, copywriting & preparing image are the second steps. You should have a spreadsheet file for copywriting so that it’s easy for you to copy and paste into the landing page.

Luna will help you on this task. If you have a ready template & content, it will take Luna 1-2 hour for some minor changes (if yes)

2. A Get Lead Function from Magestore website and storing in Zoho

It is like a bridge connecting Magestore & our CRM system Zoho. Normally Alex will do this task in about 30 mins. He will add some codes to the system to realize a new lead coming from a specific campaign by defining new Source for leads.

3. A new email welcome template for the campaign

Be careful with this task because you might forget it. We often test the flow like the user in the web-face, however, the email in next step often be forgotten. When a lead registered, there will be a welcome email sent to his/her inbox to confirm that we have received the email and will be get back in short.

You should come to Setting -> Customization -> Template -> Duplicate or Create New Template for the leads.

4. An automated workflow to send welcome email instantly when a lead appears!

In the step 3, you just create an email but it’s just a template. You need to link the template with the action of new lead is created. That’s why you need automation function here.

Please follow the link Setting -> Automation -> Workflow Rules -> Duplicate or Create New Workflow Rules

5. Promote the Campaign in the Website - A Super Campaign set up

When you finish 4 steps above, you have a live landing page ready to get leads. However, the visitors need a specific URL to get into the page. You need some promotions for the campaign. With our owned website, it can bring up to 30-40 traffics in the first day for you when there is a new campaign set up.

You can do this by working on our Magestore Backend / Super Campaign

And configure what will be shown on the website, like this:

You need Luna’s hand on this task to upload image/icon to the server and get link (because the upload function is something wrong)


In conclusion, a question might pop up in your mind when reading this guide “How much time you need to prepare all of this?” It depends a lot on your requirement.

  • If there is new function, new template, I think it might take 3 days to get all parts connected.
  • If you use the ready template, re-use the get lead function, just new content, new design, new icon, A DAY is enough.

You might know MageX is working on moving Magestore website from Magento to WP Engine. It might take a while (till March/April) to finish. During this period, I guess there will be several campaigns on air . Hope that this guide may help.

@alex @luna please give more advices for this taks.

Thank you.