How to setup AWS Lambda with PyCharm

As we know, PyCharm is one of the best Python IDEs. But, with AWS Lambda to run and debug it, we need to have more configuration in order to do in professional ways


  1. PyCharm Community: Windows | MacOS | Linux
  2. Python version 3.6+: Downloads
  3. PIP Package Management: we have to confirm by open Terminal on MAC or Command Line on Windows and type pip3 --version. If it show version like pip 19.1.1 from /usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pip (python 3.7) or something similar on Windows, so it’s ready to next step.
  4. AWSCli: pip3 install awscli
  5. AWS SAM:
    5.1. MacOS: pip3 install awssam
    5.2. Windows: 64-bit | 32-bit
  6. Docker: Windows | MacOS | Linux


  1. Sending a request to MageX team to get AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key
  2. Open terminal to type: aws configure and following the instructions
  3. Open PyCharm and access to Preferences > Plugins > type AWS and install AWS Toolkit from Amazon Web Services. After finish the installation, please restart PyCharm

Till here, we have done in configuring the environment for development

Apply to project

  1. Open New Project or Existed Project in your computer
  2. Create New Project followed by AWS
    File > New Project > AWS Serverless Application
  3. In the bottom right corner, choose one of those regions, we suggest with Magestore systems is N-Virginia (us-east-1)
  4. Follow by upper images, we expand AWS Explorer on the right and it will show all Lambda Function into it.
  5. We will have to config Configuration to run it local or debugging

So, it’s OK right now for start debugging AWS Lambda services on your local machine


pip 19.1.1 có được k0 chàng @walter

Thoải mái thầy ơi, miễn là có pip thoai

Uầy, Web IDE muôn năm

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