Identify complaints and different types of customers_Customer sense part I

There is a kind of person who observes, or simply just hears a customer situation, they will unconsciously analyze the situation and then quickly suggest you how you should deal with it. And of course, it works perfectly.

There must be a characteristic possessed by this person in order to do it.
We call it “Customer sense”.

“Customer sense” - a very abstract term. Admittedly it’s super important that everyone directly working with customers desires.

Some people said it’s mainly innate that you were born with it. I strongly believe that the “sense” can totally improved through continuous practice and experience by bearing a solid thinking in mind: customer centric: put yourself in the customer’s shoes, especially emotionally like what they will think if they get it, …

So the first thing is to learn about customer types, what you should do step by step, guided by the expert. Through practices and practices, those experiences will automatically become your unconscious sense. It’s the transition from quantity to quality or in Vietnamese, we say: “sự thay đổi về lượng, đến mức độ nhất định, sẽ dẫn đến sự thay đổi về chất”.

Let’s start with 5 typical types of customers’ complaints which need to be identified. Each type is motivated by different beliefs, attitudes and needs. Consider the following definitions of types of complainers, how one might respond to them and the danger of not handling complaints effectively.

1. The meek customer: generally will not complain directly by words.

  • Danger: may quietly leave, never to return again.
  • Response: Actively solicit comments and complaints, proactively offer first to build rapport
  • Example: the fact is there are a lot of customers who rarely complains but they just left and we still thought: the customer were not angry or complained at all! They left because of their personal matters?

2. The aggressive customer: angry/irritated ones:

3. The high-roller customer (VIP): expects the absolute best and is willing to pay for it. Likely to complain in a reasonable manner, unless a hybrid of the aggressive customer. Is interested in results and how you handle the customer service problem.

  • Danger: Not interested in excuses, unsatisfied
  • Response: Listen respectfully and actively, question carefully to fully determine cause and correct the situation. Let him feel the privilege or priority that you (might) give him. Because he will pay a lot of attention of the service quality, besides product itself.

4. The Rip-off customer: The goal is not to get the complaints satisfied but rather to win by getting something the customer is not entitled to receive.

  • Danger: Continuous complaints
  • Response: BE FIRM, remain unfailingly objectives. Be sure the adjustments is in keeping with what the organization would normally do under the circumstances. Consider asking “What can I do to make things right” after the 1st “not-good enough” response.
  • Case study: (in the comment)

5. The Chronic Complainer customer: is never satisfied. These customer loves to complain. Yet, they are your customers, and as frustrating as these customers can be, they can not be dismissed.

  • Response: Extraordinary patience is required. A sympathetic ear, sincere apology and an honest effort to correct the situation are likely to be the most productive response. Unlike the Rip-off customer, most chronic complainer customer will accept and appreciate your efforts to make things right. Chronic customers are often repeat customers (in spite of their constant complaining) and will tell other about your positive response to their complaints.
  • Example: there are some customers who continuously complain about the issue while we’re trying to fix the problem. But once we fix it, they go to Facebook page and give us 5 Star right away, as well as are willing to recommend our solution to others.
  • Case study: (In the comment)

A case study about a typical Rip-off customer:

The conversation is rather long as it goes back and forth so many times without ending until we’re firm and fully aware of the statement.

Sales 12:44 PM:

As I told you above, the gift card feature is included in Professional and enterprise package. I hope that you can consider 2 packages to get the gift card feature

Jignesh, 12:45 PM

I said that your packages = M 2 project budget

how my client can afford?

Do you understand the value of data?

Sales: 12:45 PM

If you want to take a look at our package, I can offer you and your customer a live demo session

Jignesh, 12:45 PM

$5000 can’t not affordable

Please tell me your CEO email id

I will write him right now

As your sales team don’t understand the client problem and guiding in other direction

I said I just need a M 2 Gift Card module so why should i buy whole package

We don’t want unwanted modules

Sales: 12:48 PM

I’m sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable with anything I said.

However, now, we cannot sell the separate gift card feature for you to ensure the overall quality of our solution

It not only help customers but also help us

Jignesh, 12:50 PM

I will write to your CEO than

You are pushing us to pbuy $5000 for nothing

for a single module

Good fun

I know about the sales person

By the way what’s your good name?

Sales: 12:52 PM

You can consider the Professional package (less expensive than Enterprise package). In case, if you feel that you need more affordable feature, you can consider the modules of our partner.

I believe that the supporting team of Aheadworks can support you during data migration

Jignesh, 12:53 PM

Your believe can’t assure

Sales: 12:53 PM

Or else, you can discuss with you before purchasing to make sure about support policy. How does it sound to you?

Jignesh, 12:53 PM

Even We contacted at wrong place may be

I lost my 1 hours


Have a good day

I will file this everyever on social media

MageStore is doing cheating with customers

facebook, twitter, ever where

single module worth $200 and they are asking to spent $5000

what a fun

Sales: 12:55 PM

Doing cheating? I just think that I am trying to provide you the best consultation. I even did not urge you to purchase our solution and recommend you other extension provider.

Jignesh, 12:56 PM

That’s not a solution

What is your good name?

I will post with Name

Infect I am writing on facebook review and wall

Sales: 12:56 PM

I believe that I already treat you with my respect. I also hope you understand and respect our policy.

Jignesh, 12:57 PM

Will you be invest $5000 for $200?

Please answer honestly

I am glad if you can answer

Sales: 1:01 PM

If you don’t think that it works for you, I would recommend you to look for other extension provider. I think it is also a good alternative option :slight_smile:

Jignesh, 1:01 PM

What about data?

I should have to keep in my pocket rather to store on DB

Will you be invest $5000 for $200?

Jignesh Chauhan, 2/15/2019

I would much appreciate if you can answer my question

Sales: 1:04 PM

The data can be migrated by your expertise and the support of other providers.

I have answered your question :slight_smile:


Jignesh, 1:04 PM

Sorry it’s not relavent

that will not fit with my requirement

why should spent more money on other extension for a migration

I want to know your name so i can write to your CEO

Sales: 1:07 PM

Have you check the complexity of moving to another gift card feature? I had some customers whp decided to use this feature of other providers after they considered the time and cost. Sometimes, I checked with them again and everything was good.

Jignesh, 1:07 PM

Give me a name and contact of those customers

Sales: 1:08 PM

I need to check with my customer to get their approval

Can you wait for it?

Jignesh, 1:08 PM

Yes i can wait

Sales: 1:09 PM

I am not sure if they see my emails and then reply back to me but I can try.

Sales: 4:35 PM

Dear Jignesh, I have discussed with my management team about your case and I would like to clarify some points with you as follow:

  • If you want to use our Gift card feature, I would recommend you consider our Professional Package with price of only $2500 (NOT $5000)

  • Do not provide you with separate gift card feature DOES NOT MEAN THAT we do not care about the customer’s problem. Instead, we are trying our best to make sure you can receive the best service. We already tested every feature in each package to make sure to produce bug-free package. We only provide these tested packages because they will be easier for customers during implementation process and help us as well, especially when we are in the resource limitation situation now. If you purchased it separately, I worry that we cannot provide the best support after-sale. I believe that you do not expect that happens.

  • Finally, if you worry about the data import and export from Magestore’s M1 gift card to another provider’s M2 gift card, you can check with other extension providers about how their Gift card features can import the data from other gift card feature. I firmly believe that the support team of these providers will help you enthusiastically.

I hope that you can consider my above comments, understand for our policy and our company’s situation, and make a suitable decision for your customer. Thank you.

*The customers don’t complain anymore, and after that a long time, they still come back with another reasonable request, e.g: ask for OMC solution for another customer"


Case study about a typical Chronic Complainer customer:

Sally I’m losing my mind here, Sam gets to the office in 1.5 hrs, and if this is not working he is going to request a refund. The support seem to not understand at all what is going on and very slow to answer. I don’t know what to say, I was hoping to work with you guys for my next client also, but this whole thing is not going to work out this way.

hi Danny, Rainey from my team said that she already got back to you via ticket

so the only issue here is you can’t open POS url right?

Customer: 3:31 PM

Yes, and they are not making any sense at all, see for yourself

How to build POS Pro package

Copy folder client/pos to other place

Enter to this folder cd <path to folder>/pos

Run npm install

Run npm run-script build

Copy all content in folder build to <path to pos pro folder>/server/app/code/Magestore/Webpos/build/apps/pos

mkdir -p <path to pos pro folder>/server/app/code/Magestore/Webpos/build/apps

cp -Rf build <path to pos pro folder>/server/app/code/Magestore/Webpos/build/apps/pos

Compress server folder to filename Finish this step, you will have a complete package of POS Pro package to test or release in step 7

In step Release in github, drag and drop that compressed file to attachment

I’m not trying to build the package, I’m just installing it. I followed the guide exactly as in the instructinos you sent me

Consultant: 3:33 PM

so what is the current issue here?

Customer: 3:35 PM

Everything is installed, in Magento all is working, barcode, purchase management etc. Only issue I have when you click the "POS CHECKOUT" link, I get an oops, page not found 404 error

Consultant: 3:35 PM


Customer: 3:35 PM

I’ve explained this in the tickets, I’m sure it is a very minor issue

I have installed your guys software maybe 20 times in the past

Consultant: 3:36 PM

okay. let me talk with her

Customer: 3:39 PM

please my dear, would be a shame after all the effort we’ve gone through for the client to back out now

Consultant: 3:39 PM

done…she will add your skype now :slight_smile:

Customer: 3:40 PM

Thanks Sally

Customer: 4:40 PM

Ok, we’ve got it working, just in time :slight_smile:

Thanks Sally

Consultant: 4:50 PM


:frowning: finally

Customer: 4:51 PM

indeed :slight_smile:

And working really fast, they are jumping on to test it out now, but from what I see all is running smoothly

Consultant: 4:52 PM

i am so happy to hear that Danny :smiley:

and if it’s possible, can you put some words on our facebook page for good review?:smiley:


Customer: 4:52 PM

Sure thing, I will do

And would like to discuss my company partnering with you guys for future clients

We’ve already partnered with connectpos, but honestly you’re solution is more promising because they don’t have inventory management, only integration with third party

Consultant: 4:54 PM

awesome thing :wink:

I will let my partner team know about this


btw, here is our link to facebook page just some kind words would be really appreciated :smiley:

Customer: 4:55 PM

will do that now


Consultant: 4:57 PM

awesome Danny :wink:

Customer: 5:05 PM

Welcome, have a nice weekend! (victory)

Consultant: 3:56 PM

Hi Danny, I’m Zoey - the colleague of Sally in Magestore. Nice to talk with you

I have a customer in UK. He is consider to purchase our solution. He wants to talk with one or two customers who already used our solution for Magento 2.3 successfully.

Sally told me that you are an open person and are always willing to share your experience with Magestore :slight_smile:

Do you mind if I send your contact to him? :smiley:

Customer: 10:07 AM

Hi Zoey

Would be my pleasure

They can contact me on Skype or on my cell

+357 96070364

Consultant: 10:07 AM

Thank you so so much :smiley:


True true true :heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::purple_heart:

Tặng Riley 2 cái Infographics :hugs:


Thanks chị Amber ạ :wink:

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