Introduction: Vertex tax solution on Magento

Vertex is a cloud solution that focuses on helping companies, especially big ones to deal effectively with tax. This solution covers many aspects of the business regarding tax, such as

  • Tax calculation (based on product taxability and jurisdiction)
  • Tax return
  • Tax privileges
  • Remittance
  • Tax compliance (truy thu thuế)
  • Tax exemption (miễn thuế)
  • Tax report

Vertex also allows companies wishing to grow their website into a market place by managing tax related to the seller’s products, which is a feature that has been missed out by many tax solution in the market. It is said that Vertex will help businesses save a lot of time regarding tax calculation, report, and audit.

At the moment, Vertex can be used for business in Canada & the US only

How powerful is Vertex?
Vertex seems to provide very high-quality service aiming at the market of companies of very big scale (eg: Walmart). Vertex has already been integrated into many ERP system, including Microsoft Dynamic, Magento, Netsuit, Sage 100 and Oracle

Vertex and Magento integration
Vertex integration was introduced to Magento since the release of M2.2.4
You can find the vertex setting in Stores > Setting > Configuration

Technically, when you use Vertex for your Magento, you will not have to configure the tax rules in Magento as usual.

More instruction about Vertex setting can be found here

Note: On February 28th, 2019, Vertex has not been supported by Magestore POS