[Luyện thi] Magento Solution Specialist - Lesson 1 (Test)

Đây là những câu hỏi được mình sưu tầm lại phục vụ cho việc ôn phần đầu tiên trong chứng chỉ Magento Solution Specialist. Mọi người trả lời đi, xem ko cần ôn thì trả lời được đến đâu :))

Phần này tên là Ecommerce, là 1 trong 4 phần của Magento Solution Specialist bao gồm:

  • Ecommerce: Emmy, Jasmine, Andrew, Riley (2 buổi)
  • Magento Architecture: Luna, Alex, Adam, Robin (2 buổi)
  • Feature & Function: Rainey, Vinnie, Walter, Emily (2 buổi)
  • Apply Magento Knowledge: Julia, Zoey, Juca, Sophie (2 buổi)

Nội dung học của phần 1 này mình để ở cuối bài viết, các bạn có thể link tới nhé.

Còn đây là câu hỏi:

1. Out of the available search provider options for Magento, what provides the fastest searching capabilities?**

  1. Solr
  2. MySQL
  3. Redis
  4. Elastic Search

2.How do you enable Google Analytics eCommerce tracking in Magento?

  1. It is automatically installed and configured
  2. Install a Google Analytics module
  3. System > Configuration > Google Analytics > Enabled = Yes
  4. Store > Configuration > Sales > Google API > Google Analytics: Enable = Yes, Specify Account Number

3. How does Europe’s GDPR law affect merchants?

  1. Merchants must not store additional information about their customers other than name, email and physical address.
  2. Merchants must disclose 3rd-party tracking systems and provide a way for that data to be anonymized.
  3. Merchants are required to be PCI compliant.
  4. Merchants must provide a way for customer information that they store to be anonymized.

4. A Magento Commerce website has a product catalog of 100 products. You have been tasked with specifying cross-sell and up-sell products for each item in the catalog. In addition, the cross-sell products must be relevant to the customer that is purchasing. How do you accomplish this?

  1. Work with a developer to build the correlations.
  2. Create a CSV file of products (with a related products column) to specify the relationships, and import the products.
  3. Use Marketing > Related Product Rules
  4. Turn on “Select other products for Related Products” in the product’s category.

5. How does the Visual Merchandiser assist a content management in product development?

  1. It is a tool that links banner ads with products.
  2. It is a tool to structure and organize categories and CMS pages.
  3. It is a tool used to direct customers through a specific customer journey.
  4. It is a tool to position products in the category listing.

6. A merchant is trying to encourage other websites to link to the merchant’s website. What strategy is an effective way to incentivize these 3rd-party back links?

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Social media posting
  3. Content creation
  4. Affiliate marketing

7. You are assisting a merchant in making their site more appealing to visitors who come from a search engine. What term describes the rate of visitors who come to the site and immediately return to the search engine?

  1. Close rate
  2. Bounce Rate
  3. "Click-back" rate
  4. Return Rate

8. What purpose does a SSL certificate serve on a website?

  1. It protects a server from being compromised.
  2. It encrypts traffic to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  3. It helps to reduce download times for a website.
  4. It hashes payment card details.

Như lời hứa bên trên, mình post lại các nội dung bổ trợ học cho phần 1 từ @alex, mình và @emmy

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