Magento virtual product: How to assign to multiple warehouse for products whose qty are not managed

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Magento virtual product is different from other product in the sense that they will not be shipped after selling to the customer.

Normally, if the seller still manage the qty of the virtual product (let’s say, you have 10 Apple care product) and you can only sell that 10 available ones, then you can simply allocate the products to the warehouse as usual. The setting for the “Manage Qty” is Yes

However, there are cases when the customer doesn’t manage the qty of the product sold, and they can sell as many products as they want. Then how do we assign the product to multiple locations in the case?

There are two ways to do it

Option 1: Transfer product

Step 1: Create a new product. Change setting manage qty = No

Step 2: Go to Inventory Management > non-location product > select the product and transfer to 1 warehouse (eg: Primary warehouse)

Step 3: Go to Inventory Management > send stock.
Select the product to transfer to the destination warehouse

Option 2: Add product to the locations first, and then turn off manage stock

This is quite a trick here.

Step 1: Create a product as usual. Setting default for manage stock = Yes

Step 2: Go to advanced inventory and assign the product to multiple locations.

Save product

The product will be visible on POS if you enable this function

Step 3: Change the setting for Manage stock = No and save product

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