NewRelic how to deploy on customer site

As we know, NewRelic is performance tracking tool that use wide range in Magento community. We have deployed this tool for some customers and get the good results. But, the installation step is quite hard to reach, so this topic will walk you through

NewRelic has 2 parts that have to be configured

  1. Server agent
  2. Magento config

Register new New Relic account

Access to Signup page. Complete Name and Email for free account
Note: After you use confirmation link that sent to your email. Just open new tab and access to for further configuration

How to install New Relic agent

Install New Relic agent require some command line tasks with administrator permission (normal way). So, make sure you have sudo before going further

  1. Access to
  2. Access to APM section and click to the button in the top right + Add more data
  3. In App Monitoring section, click to PHP and fill the information
  4. Follow the guide in the screen. Copy paste some command line tasks and run it on your Magento server. After that, restart Apache to take effect sudo systemctl restart apache. Go back to the New Relic page, press See your data.
    Note: if you have asked about license key when installing newrelic-php5, please copy the string after REPLACE_WITH_REAL_KEY characters

    Note: in some case, it will take time to take affect, so to double check, open a new tab, access to APM section again, if it had record, it’s seem the installation process has been successfully

Get information to setup in Magento

Please make sure that New Relic module has been enabled in your Magento system

  1. Access to Stores > Settings > Configuration section
  2. At left panel, access to General > New Relic Reporting section to config. In this section, we will have to go back to to get some required information
1. Account ID
2. Application ID
3. API Key
4. Insights API Key

With Account ID and Application ID, access to APM section, click to the three dot at the end of record line and click to See metadata and tags to get information

With API Key, at the top right corner, click to your account icon, choose API Key

And, copy Installer API Key value by click to popup menu

After that, in current screen, click Insights insert key at right panel

Copy the Key value

After all these steps, come back to Magento backend

  1. Fill all the information
  2. Turn on Cron and New Relic Integration
  3. Save config and return to to see the result

Thank you and have fun tracking!

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