Objection handling: Xử lí từ chối với 3F

  1. Definition: (Feel – Felt – Found) is an effective method to handle objections, in which:
  • Feel: First empathize with them, telling them that you understand how they feel.
  • Felt: Then tell them about somebody who felt the same way.
  • Found: Then tell them how that other person found that things were not so bad and that when they did what you want the buyer to do they found that it was actually a very good thing to do.

2. Example:

  • I understand you feel about that. Many others have felt the same way. And what they have found is that…
  • I know how you feel that it looks rough. I had a person in here yesterday who felt the same when they first looked at it. But when they tried it on they found that it was so comfortable.

3. How it works: By empathizing with how they feel, you are building harmony with them to create rapport. When you talk about how somebody else felt, you move the focus to a more objective place which they are likely to trust more. This also makes them a part of a group such that they do not feel alone. When they are attached to that group, then you move the whole group by telling how the person in the group changed their mind. The buyer, being attached to the group, should change their mind at the same time.

4. Practice:
4.1. Khách thắc mắc về việc MS có sản phẩm mới và phải upgrade từ WebPOS lên PWA rằng: có chắc một năm sau minh ko phải bỏ tiền upgrade tiếp không?
 Feel: I totally understand your concern.
 Felt: Other customers are sharing the same concern as they’re also looking at upgrading WebPOS to PWA POS. Honestly, we always aim to provide the customers with the best solution, that explains why if we’ve found an innovative technology which helps retailers run POS system better, we’re willing to invest resources to work on it. At that point, the customer can choose to stick with the current system or upgrade to the new one if they found it beneficial for their business.
 Found: In fact, many customers, after experiencing the new PWA POS demo, they completely agree with that concept and hope that we continuously take advantage of latest technology to create a POS system as smooth and stable as possible.

4.2. To be frank with you, it is still very expensive considering other POS for less… there are couple other companies that offer it for less.
 Feel: Thank you for being so straight to the point, I really appreciate it! I believe if you look at the price, we are definitely nowhere to compete with some other providers.
 Felt: It’s also the 1st thought of some other clients when they first check the price out.
 Found: However, when they have a chance to explore the full set of features that the POS Enterprise offers to empower their O2O business as well as considering the cost for long-term business, they’ve found that it’s truly worth it.
(Bonus) When is the last time you bought something cheap but was not fully satisfied when using it?


Wow kỹ thuật này chắc ko chỉ áp dụng sales nhỉ, kể cả CS nhỉ

Dạ đúng rồi anh.
Ko chỉ CS mà ai cũng dùng đc ạ, trong cuộc sống cũng đc ạ (dạng formal) =)))

Chỉ là ví dụ đưa ra đang hướng đến Sales ạ :wink:

Đọc bài viết này kết hợp với bài về đồng cảm với khách hàng của a Mike là tuyệt cú mèo ^^

Áp dụng khi tán giai chưa?

Từ hồi biết technique này thì chưa phải tán zai nào ạ =)) nhưng đã áp dụng “tán” bố mẹ thành công;)

Trong kỹ thuật để tương tác với trẻ thì có thể cải tiến từ “but” trong câu này bằng một từ khác để giúp cho người nghe không có cảm giác những lý do mình đưa ra ở trên chỉ là giả dối.
Nó có thể thay bằng “Thực tế là…”