[Odoo] Set up coding environment for Odoo Developer

As I heard a lot about our intern or junior that how to configure a complete environment for coding Odoo without errors. We know in the internet you can find many articles about this, but today we will describe some standards to run Odoo smoothly on your local.

Requirement tool

  1. PostgreSQL (Database management) (EnterpriseDB on Windows)
  2. VSCode (IDE) - simple, lighter and smarter than PyCharm
  3. Python: 3.x for 11.0 and above, 2.x for 10.0 and below
  4. NodeJS and NPM for front-end rendering
  5. SVM tool like Git


  1. Use Linux (Ubuntu) if you can, Windows is the worst choice to program Odoo because they don’t support many advance features like thread and queue
  2. Learning carefully about git on VSCode. It’s such a powerful tool right now for Odoo IDE
  3. Use virtualenv for each projects, each Odoo version you want to play
  4. Create separately account for PostgreSQL

That’s all for you to start writing your very first lines in Odoo.

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