Psychology and Selling

There is a strong link between psychology and sales. Part of being the best salesman is understanding this relationship and how to evoke emotional responses from your customers. When people feel emotionally connected to something, it makes them more likely to buy the product or use the service.


Buyers are not stupid. What they do makes perfect sense.
They first use linear processes and statistical data to screen; they then make selection decisions emotionally.
Clients decide with the heart and rationalize their decision with the brain. Buyers don’t just want a solution: they want to feel good about it. They want to sleep well at night, to believe that surprises will be resolved satisfactorily and that the salesperson has the buyer’s interests at heart. A service provider’s trustworthiness is immensely valuable to a client. Clients will pay for that value—if only they can find it. Clients hate buying from the lowest-cost provider. They’d far rather buy what they have to buy anyway from someone they trust.

Example: your customers justify their purchase(s) to their friends and family members? Once you’ve got the emotions covered, it’s now time to appeal to human logic. You need to find out the logic behind buying whatever you’re selling.
I would start by asking your customers the following question — our solution’s price is rather high, why did you spend your hard earned money on it? Their answer(s) will be heavily factual. They won’t say because I love it and it makes me feel good". They’ll be more likely to say something like “because it had features A, B, and C and because it solved this specific problem”. Yes, this question will be a bit abrasive, but it is important. It puts the customer in the hot seat much in the same way if they were asked by a friend or family member, which makes it even more insightful and meaningful as it’s actually mentioned by the customers.
Once you’ve established the logical reasons for buying your product or service, this should also be included in your marketing/sales messages.