We will soon move to Adobe Exchange Program (not Select Technology Partner anymore)

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As you may know, since June 2019, Magestore was registered as the Select Technology Partner of Magento with $10k Annual Fee. We indicated that level on our website. The partner contract is for one year and now we are in the process of Partner Renewal with Magento. But the program is no longer like before.

The main difference is that Magento will close their own Partner Directory with all Premier/General/Select level soon this November and move all the Partners to the Adobe Exchange Program. It’s the dedicated partner program for technology companies who want to develop the integration with Adobe products. And Magento after being acquired, has been added in the “Adobe Experience Cloud” product.


General about Adobe Exchange Program

The program was introduced in 2017 to leverage all technology partners with Adobe product. After acquiring Magento, now, Adobe is working with all Magento partners to move to the new program instead.

As indicated in the FAQ of registration for new program, we will keep the current badge & level of Magento partner until the time we finish renewing into the new program.

For more information of this Exchange Program, please visit https://partners.adobe.com/exchangeprogram/experiencecloud/

What will be our new level when moving to Adobe Exchange Program

There are 3 levels of partner listed in Adobe Exchange Program. As the new registration, we will start from the level of Innovate Partner first. The same amount of annual fee is $10k.

It takes about 2 weeks - 1 month to transit from the old program of Magento to the new one. Currently I am working with Adobe team for this purpose.

What are the benefits of Innovate Partner?

The details of benefits can be found here: https://partners.adobe.com/exchangeprogram/experiencecloud/innovate-benefits.html.

The key thing I have just found is that we will have new Exchange Marketplace to list our product on it: https://exchange.adobe.com/experiencecloud.html The listing in Magento Marketplace is still being kept until they close it.

As far as I read from the guide, listing in Exchange Marketplace is much easier than the Marketplace before because there’s no complicated code review process. The content application is guided here: https://partners.adobe.com/exchangeprogram/experiencecloud/build/ec-exchange.html

After finishing the transition in legal document (sign the contract and get confirmation from Adobe team for our Innovate Partner level), Coffee Team please take further steps to leverage our benefits in the New Program.



Em cũng mới nhận được mail là hệ thống quản lý chứng chỉ cũng chuyển sang Adobe Credential Manager :smiley:

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New Partner Program for Magento New Technology Partner: https://magento.com/partners/become-technology-partner

Tầm này là họ đang move on một loạt các hệ thống trong ecosystem vào Adobe luôn. Thế mấy cái Certification có đổi tên gì ko, hay tên vẫn vậy, platform học và cấp chứng chỉ khác thui?

Em mới nhận được mail sáng nay. Đổi thành Adobe Certified Expert-Magento Commerce Developer (Nghe khá xịn :))) )

Có badge ko? Xem badge mới nào?

Hai cái này chị ạ :))



Adobe Support Portal with a lot of useful articles related to our Exchange Program. Maybe you guys need it in the future in terms of Partnership Benefits @vinnie @jackie @katenguyen @Keenan_Pham @Irene_Luong