What is deferent purpose of Website, Store & Store View in Magento 2?

There are three layers of customization for configuration, categories, products, and CMS features. Many Magento installations have just one website, store, and store view.

  • Website: represents a unique domain name. This is the “parent” of the whole system. It allows you to maintain different lists of customers and different product pricing. Products are assigned to a website.
  • Store: represents groupings of store views. This is not used much in products or categories.
  • Store view: often a different language but could be a different store. This is used to configure attributes, and more for categories and products. The application of scope to websites, stores, and store views

Say you have three brands: Widgets, Headphones, and Stuffed Animals available in English and Spanish. You could put all three on unique websites; you can switch a store on a website; and you can also switch the language on a website.

  1. Websites and store groups are similar in functionality. They give flexibility for how one wants to set up a site.
  • Store > Configuration is specified in either the global, website or store view scope.
  • Product details are specified in the global, website or store view scope.
  • Websites: are often a unique domain name or a brand. Payment and shipping methods are determined in this scope.
  1. Store (groups) can be also a unique domain name or brand but they fit inside of a website. Root categories are associated with a store. No store configuration values are set on this level.

  2. Store (views) is what your customers browse. This shows products and is themed. Often there are switchers to change language (from English to Spanish). There will also be links to go to the Widgets’ or Headphones’ websites. It is important to keep cookies in consideration if you want products to be shoppable across all categories. Most store configuration values specified at this level are related to names and very few features can be enabled.

Display of product catalogs in websites, stores, and store views
If a Magento installation is NOT in single-store mode (Stores > Configuration > General > Single-Store Mode):

  • Products are assigned to a website. If a product is not assigned to a website, it will not be visible on the website.
  • You can also change the visibility and status for a store view to affect whether a product is visible for a store view or not.
  • You can change title, description, etc. on a website or store view basis (not for a store). Administration of websites, stores, and store views
  • Found in Stores > All Stores area. Localization, taxes and pricing in websites, stores and store views
  • Again, these are customized in websites and store views (but not for a store).

Product attribute scope

  • Applies to either global (everything) or a store view. If it is global, store view will not change the value. If the attribute’s scope is set to be store view, then it will be dependent on the store’s scope. If you look at the table, store_id is mapped to the store table.

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